Best gifts for under $50

Fun and Unique Bird-Squirrel Feeders...from

Indoor & Outdoor Bird & Squirrel Feeders...Great Nature Gifts!
Great for Pet Entertainment and makes a Great Nature Gift

Best gifts for under $50: Gift ideas for absolutely everyoneBest gifts for under $50: Gift ideas for absolutely everyoneGift-giving on a budget is an art. Think about the “Christmas Party” episode of The Office where Michael insists on doing the Yankee Swap with everyone’s Secret Santa gifts: You don’t want to pull a Michael and go way over the agreed price limit, but you also don’t want to choose a gift that no one actually wants, like Phyllis’ oven mitt. You’ve got to ride the line: cool gift , but appropriate cost. Yes, some people possess an innate talent for thoughtful gift-giving on a budget. No matter the occasion ( anniversary , Valentine’s Day , Mother’s Day ) or recipient ( wife , boyfriend , teens , in-laws ), they somehow nail it every time. Then there are the not-so-intuitive gift givers, who’ve maybe leaned on the same scented candle or gift basket a few too many times. If you’re one of those people, that’s OK! Gift-giving is hard. So we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Below are more than 60 unique gift options under $50 that people will actually be happy to receive. IUGA FOR THE ACTIVE TYPE Yoga mat Yoga is a great way to be active and practice mindfulness at the same time — plus, if you have a mat, you can do it pretty much anywhere. …


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